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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Madagascar.

This site was created to share Peace Corps experiences and resources with others. Peace Corps Volunteers have been working and living in Madagascar since 1993. Since then, Peace Corps Volunteers have worked to address the specific needs of Madagscar, its people and its resources.

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  • Capital City – Antananarivo
  • Largest City – Antananarivo
  • Official Language(s) – Malagasy (primary), French (secondary)
  • Area (KM2) – 582 800 km2
  • Population – 20.1 million
  • GDP – US$ $8.6 billion
  • Currency – MGA(Ariary)

Now I know why Peace Corps is called "The toughest job you'll ever love". The valuable skills and experiences I've gained are forever lasting memories and cannot be learned elsewhere. Laughter, cries, illnesses, cross-cultural awareness and shock...it's all worth it!

. Binh Vuong Current Volunteer in Madagacar